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I agree with you. Regardless of the length of my hike, if I can't wear all
my clothes at once, I have too much. There is no need for extras. I rinse
things at lunch or the end of the day to knock some sweat out of them, and
constantly soaking socks to keep them as fresh as possible.

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Paul Mags to the rescue. Excellent post, Paul. I've been compiling a  
list of backpacking tips for my web site and I'm definitely including  
the Dirt Bagging topic from the whiteblaze site.

One thing I try to evangelize is to leave your extra clothing home.  
I've hiked with people who have a fresh outfit for every day. Why? I  
don't even bring a change of underwear. Just some socks I rotate  
through plus my external layers (a wind/rain layer and a warm layer.)  
And that warm layer doesn't even have to be that warm. We are walking  
ALL DAY LONG, after all. We don't need something to keep us warm as  
we lounge in camp. You set up your camp and get in your sleeping bag  
immediately. Wake up and start hiking immediately. No time to get  
cold. No time for fashion. And cleanliness? HA HA HA HA HA! Good one!

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