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Keith Robertson surferkeith at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 21 12:25:36 CDT 2009


I live in San Diego County and I can tell you that by early June you will experience plenty of heat, not just in the desert but in most inland areas as well. At the coast, we experience "June gloom" which results in cold cloudy days with heavy fog along the coast caused by the warming deserts pulling in cool air off the ocean. The resulting inland weather will be in the 90's and the deserts will be well into the 100's. Once you reach Mount Laguna at 6,000', you will have some relief with clear days in the mid 80's and shade for part of the time. You should plan your water accordingly, especially the leg from Scissor's Crossing to Barrel Spring which can be brutal even in cooler weather.

Good luck!


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