[pct-l] Getting to Cajon pass

Rod Miller rod at rodmiller.com
Tue Apr 21 19:51:32 CDT 2009

Gary Schenk wrote:
 > How adventurous are you feeling?
 > You could hop a freight at the rail yard in Rialto. The trains 
are moving very
 > slow through Cajon Pass, and you could jump off right onto the 
 > Really.

I know Gary was joking, and lest someone seriously
consider his suggestion, please don't.

Rail transportation is nothing like the movies depict.

It is dangerous. If you slip/mis-time/whatever your
jump and fall between the freight cars, the parts
of your body that span the rail will be cleanly
severed by the wheels of the following car. You
will be laden with your pack, which makes a jump much
less controlled. Even if you survive the jump
unscathed, how about your pack? You will roll when
you hit the ground. Oh, you threw if off first. Groan.

Secondly, the railroads have become very security
conscious. You might get ejected from the train and
if not arrested, might find yourself in a remote

Back to danger. If you are lucky enough to find a
boxcar with open doors, be advised the the doors
are routinely closed before the train starts
moving. You are then locked inside a metal box
and it may be some time before you body is discovered.

Take the shuttle.


 > On Tuesday 21 April 2009 13:45:58 Carl Siechert wrote:
 >> The closest airport of decent size is Ontario (ONT), which is 
 >> about 20-30 miles from the trail at Cajon Pass. You might be 
able to get a
 >> shared van (e.g., SuperShuttle) headed toward Victorville for 
a lot less
 >> than a cab.
 >> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Will M <jalan04 at gmail.com> 
 >>> I will be returning to the trail on May 22.  My plan is to 
fly into the
 >>> nearest airport and take a cab to the trail.  My only 
concerns are whter
 >>> a cab will be willing to do a run out  to cajon pass and how 
much it will
 >>> cost.  Does anyone have any advice regarding this: i.e. 
closest airport,
 >>> easiest way, genral costs , etc..
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