[pct-l] San Jacinto Snow Reports

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Wed Apr 22 08:02:58 CDT 2009

San Jacinto Snow Report per Eric D and Nafta 2008

Snow starts about 4 miles before Saddle Junction/Devil's Slide.
Both Erid D and Nafta say
Very Dangerous Spot just past Apache Peak.  Suggest Ice Ax, Crampons, or dropping down below the snow patch and walking.
Do not travel in the morning when the ice is hard.  Afternoon softer snow is safer.

There are a few more dangerous spots too.

I expect an update about Fuller Ridge from Eric D in a couple of days.

I will post when time allows.

I will arrive there in approximately 8-10 days myself.

I will not receive any more PCT-L this season due to........................... you all know
The massive amounts of emails that are not appropriate for a thru hiker.


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