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Thanks Diane! :)
AND... If you are coming to the ADZ kick off, I'll be speaking 9am Saturday morning. My book will be for sale at my talk too. I'll give you some ideas! I'll be at Morena all weekend, so you can come chat with me in person as well.

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> Hello,
> I am wondering what you guys do or are doing for food on the trail?  
> I would
> like to know. Was thinking maybe I could get some more ideas. If I  
> searched
> outside of my own ideas as well. I definitely have the insta potatoes
> covered. I have to admit they are dang good! I also have the tuna  
> packets
> covered. Ok that's about what I have. LOL. So any  
> ideas...especially ones
> you are actually using would be great. :)
> Thanks again. Sean C.

What? You have not seen Dicentra's site? http://onepanwonders.com.

Try some recipes. They are really good. Some I would reduce the  
spices and use real garlic. If you want good dried veggies and fruit  
and have not dehydrated your own, I found good prices on http:// 
wildernessdining.com. At least the prices there blew away my local  
store and blew away the cost of dehydrating my own and there was free  
shipping if I bought $100 worth, which I did (gasp!)

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