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Couscous, it doesn't need to be cooked, just bring water to a boil. We get the flavored varieties, throw a foil package of tuna or chicken and some olive oil in it. One box of Near East couscous feeds two.

Forget Clif bars, Luna bars and all those other foul tasting expensive bars. Fun size Paydays do the same job, cheaper. And you can actually enjoy eating a Payday at 13,000' rather than gagging down a Luna bar.

---- Sean Carey <seanpct75 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hello,
> I am wondering what you guys do or are doing for food on the trail? I would
> like to know. Was thinking maybe I could get some more ideas. If I searched
> outside of my own ideas as well. I definitely have the insta potatoes
> covered. I have to admit they are dang good! I also have the tuna packets
> covered. Ok that's about what I have. LOL. So any ideas...especially ones
> you are actually using would be great. :)
> Thanks again. Sean C.
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