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Wed Apr 22 12:23:27 CDT 2009

Trail food for Mongous and Lookout (vegetarians):

Breakfast: when it's cold--oatmeal with raisins or honey, hot cocoa or  
instant breakfast with powdered milk and extra protein powder.  When  
the weather is hot--granola bars and nut butter, cold cocoa or instant  
breakfast with milk powder and protein powder.
Nuts--different kinds, different seasonings, lots of variety.
Nut butters--variety. Often mixed with honey double-bagged in zip  
locs.  Dip granola bars in, squeeze on crackers or bagels.
Dried fruit--variety.
Granola bars.
Homemade treats--if you can get someone to bake for you and send them  
to your town stops. (Recipes in Lipsmackin' Vegetarian Backpackin'  
were our favorites)
chips, snack mix, (salty, fat stuff)

Lunch: Buy bagels or rustic bread in town and a block of cheese.   
Cheese will keep longer than you think.  After that we used tortillas  
or crackers and hummus or dehydrated beans.
Red peppers, cucumbers, apples from town to carry for first couple of  

Dehydrated meals
We added olive oil to meals until we got tired of the taste.
If the weather is cool, buy a stick of butter in town and add it to  
oatmeal and dinners.
sometimes pudding mix with powdered milk or cheesecake mix with  
powdered milk
fig newtons
nutter butters

Class of 2005

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