[pct-l] Donna, JMT Reinhold, re:THANKS!! & Susan Boyle

Rena Farrington renajf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 18:57:53 CDT 2009

Donna, you always amaze me with your eloquence!!! You are truly an Angel in
everyway!!! I thank you for the kind words, and also the attached article
about Susan Boyle.

I am one of those mothers that find tremendous comfort in knowing that my
son has you and all the other Trail Angels helping him on his journey. He
stopped at your place last year as he did an 1100+-mile section hike, and of
course in 2006 on his thru. He also met you on trail in 2006 and has always
had wonderful things to say about you. Georgi & Andrea have been there for
both of us too. That’s not to say that the others I haven’t mentioned have
not been equally appreciated, I didn’t want to make this too long. I only
wish that I had the means and ability to provide what you all do. I will
have homemade cupcakes, fruit, juice, and words of encouragement for those
at Tuolumne Meadows around June 29 & July 7or 8 as my son comes off and gets
back on trail to go to a wedding of a friend. I will be his transportation
to the train station and back to trail.

The class of 2009 is so lucky and I am so excited for all of them. What a
wonderful adventure is ahead for all of you!!!

And again thanks to JMT Reinhold I am so touched by how considerate and
caring you are!!! Heres hoping that dream comes true this year!!!

What an amazing and great group of people who are posting on this site, even
the stinky pirate!!!

Thank you all for indulging me. I would have replied sooner but have been
having technical problems with computer and internet.

Rena (3tmom)

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