[pct-l] Free pot cozy material at the KO

Rodney Java rodneyjava at thestickpic.com
Wed Apr 22 19:47:40 CDT 2009

Hi everybody,
I have some mylar backed, bubble wrap material to give away.
It's the same stuff everybody makes their pot cozy from.

I'm giving it away to everybody at the KO.  I have a lot of this stuff!
I mean a lot! I think I have 4 sheets that are 12'x12'

Lots of uses.  Windsheild sun visors, ground cloths......Be creative..
Bring some sissors or something to cut it up with.

I will supply thru hikers with roll of reflective tape, sissors and a tape measure to make their pot cozies.
I will be at Site #21.


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