[pct-l] Food

Marion Davison mardav at charter.net
Wed Apr 22 20:55:21 CDT 2009

My favorite trail foods
Granola with milk (powdered soy milk or Milkman)

Lunch, eaten all day, on the go
String cheese sticks, the 1 ounce sealed kind.  These keep a really long 
time out of the fridge, they just get sharp. Very cheap at Costco.
Mixed nuts, especially peanuts, cashews, and almonds
Granola Bars, Snickers, or any kind of power bars.  I buy them at a 
discount at dollar stores or discount grocery stores
Jerky, made from poultry or fish ('cause I don't eat mammals)
dried tomatoes, from Trader Joe
dried fruit, from Trader Joe or Costco (I tend to get tired of it)
Gatorade or EmergenC to drink

A variety of homemade dinners based on beans or brown rice or ramen, 
several different spice blends, add TVP or tuna or salmon or chicken in 
those foil packs.

If I am hiking without a stove dinner is peanut butter on tortillas or 
bagels instead.

70% dark chocolate (pound plus bar) from Trader Joe
Grog,  a combination of hot cocoa mix, decaf coffee, and golden rum.

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