[pct-l] Food, Food, Food

Diane at Santa Barbara Hikes dot com diane at santabarbarahikes.com
Wed Apr 22 21:39:24 CDT 2009

My food wasn't all that good. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: Grapenuts with added walnuts or pecans and added freeze- 
dried berries and home-dried bananas. I used milkman last year but  
have discovered the superior taste of whole Nido.

Breakfast #2: Poptarts or on-the-go oatmeal bars. I once tried to  
have the poptarts with peanut butter. I think the on-the-go bars  
would work better with peanut butter. Poptarts crumble.

Lunch: I ate as I hiked so didn't really have a regular lunch. I  
usually had 2 or 3 of some kind of bar until I got sick of bars and  
tried candy bars. I hated candy bars. I always looked forward to my  
snack bag of nuts and dried fruit. Sometimes I had pringles. Golden  
oreos were good. I stored them in the box my cereal came in and used  
the box to make a hitchhiking sign. The highlight of every day was my  
liter of lemonade. Sometimes I had apples and tangerines. So good.

Dinner: Potatoes or noodles. Added to potatoes would be fried onions  
and cheese and sometimes country gravy mix. Added to Lipton noodles  
would be swiss gruyere, asagio or mozzarella cheese and extra alfredo  
or 3-cheese sauce mix. Added to top ramen would be fried onions and  
tuna. Sometimes I had raw onions and raw broccoli. I got the fried  
onions at an oriental market at home, but there are fried onions in  
regular stores that are not quite as good. They are in an obscure  
part of the store. Ask for French's fried onions.

It was not a very good diet. I plan to do better. I got some good  
ideas from onepanwonders.com. I tried some recently. I seem to do  
well with fatty pork products.

In town I started out with the typical pig-out food. The Denny's  
grand slam kind of breakfast, the shakes, burgers. I craved tomato  
juice. Eventually I only wanted fresh fruit and vegetables. I had an  
excellent cobb salad with avocado and real bacon in Sierra City. I  
had an avocado and cream cheese sandwich about 3 inches thick at my  
mom's house. Mmmmm. Anything with a wrapper disgusted me after about  
1000 miles. Anything that came off a plant filled me with rapture.

I'm trying to convince the mail-master back home that those 12  
avocado trees in the back yard could feed a lot of hungry hikers on  
the trail...

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