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A current favorite of mine is the chili flavored dried mangos that Trader Joes has... Rumor has it that they aren't going to carry them any more... :(
Mangos (of some sort) and dark chocolate are in my pack every trip - no matter how long or short. Unfortunately my hiker buddies now know this... Buncha moochies. lol :)

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Hi y'all,

Newbie to the list here, hoping to try the PCT in 2010 and just getting
started with...well, everything!!  Been lurking on the list for a few days,
reading the archives, etc., (but I can never keep quiet for long.)  :)

I love backpacking for all the standard reasons...freedom, simplicity, being
outdoors 24-7, sublime vistas, stunning physical adventure ...AND because I
LOVE to eat, and backpacking is the just about only time you get to stuff
your face for weeks on end and still lose weight!!


The main point of this post is to contribute to the discussion a small
discovery I made a few years back...Skittles.

Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate as much as any woman...but the standard
chocolate/peanut butter/nuts/honey basis that makes up almost all iterations
of trail mix, energy bars, candy bars, etc. gets really old for me after a
while.  So I put skittles in a bag of trail mix one year...why not, ya

Result: After 9 days on the trail a lemon skittle bursting on yer tongue was
like manna from heaven.  :)  It got to be real popular with my buddies on
the hike.  That was the same trip where one of my tent-mates turned me on to
orange-flavored craisins.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Other personal favorites that I haven't seen listed yet:
Homemade granola with a mixture of oats, flaxseed, wheat germ, walnuts,
pistachios, almonds, raisins, craisins, honey, molassas, and oil
Dried bean soup or chili with couscous & chedder, & TVP or protein powder
thrown in for us vegetarians
Banana chips--great potassium (disclaimer: I personally can't stand the
texture but my hubby swears by them)
Dried mango w/ sugar
Orzo, Quinoa, or any simple-shaped dried pasta or grain for that matter
(simple shape=less space, more food=mmmm)


I found too that making several different kinds of trail mix really helps my
sanity (ie, salty/spicy, sweet, tangy)...though if you're having someone
else help prep, be sure to let them in on your plans!!  I forgot to mention
my idea to my husband after a shopping trip, and he just threw everything
together...and let me tell ya, sesame-sticks and thai-lime-spiced peanuts
were never meant to share tongue space with gummy bears and M&Ms!!  :)

Hope this is helpful.  I've really enjoyed reading others' posts and will be
checking out dicentra's page...

Good luck to all you heading out this year & I'll hope to see y'all next
year in Campo!!!!

Arlington, VA
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