[pct-l] This was interesting...I think

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Thu Apr 23 13:23:27 CDT 2009

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> Not sure what to make of this:
> http://ramaloke.org/expansion-into-smaller-spaces

What's the plan here? Sounds disturbing. Or maybe just disturbed?

"Suddenly we have “medieval” access to a long long long strip of land, forests, lakes, parks, towns, and states, without purchasing a thousand acres to do it. We can start working on actual on-site construction techniques and ideas, and initial Village processes like farming, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc, while also exploring the surrounding area, the PCT and other possible sites.

Next we start looking at the PCT to find other people, groups, and locations that would like to become participants in a network of stops where people can get room and board. We would also start looking for an appropriate site for the central Village, as well as other satalite sites. Now with the purchase of less acreage we can gain hiking, riding, and traveling access to thousands and thousands of acres of natural landscape, while also building a network of friends, associates, trade partners, and more importantly, people."

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