[pct-l] Hiking Poles, Bear Canisters and Tarp/Bivy Setups

Laura Fox flora.aux at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 22:19:09 CDT 2009

>First: Would you recommend the use of hiking poles on the whole >trail? If
>so, what brand/model would you suggest?

Yes.  Love poles.  Mine were Leki Makalu (sp??) poles and they lasted the
whole AT and whole PCT and are still going strong.

>Second: Would you recommend the use of a bear-proof food >container on the
>whole trail? Would you recommend hanging food from trees >instead?

No I wouldn't consider using a bear canister for the whole trail.  Bear
canisters are really heavy and a pain to pack (though I used one where
required) and it's not like the whole trail is overrun with bears, just a
few spots.

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