[pct-l] Ride From Airport to Border...nasty beast

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Apr 24 03:42:28 CDT 2009

Tom & Tori,
Welcome to the club.
Like I said before....they don't mean to be nasty....they can't help....it's the nature of 
the beast.

JMT Reinhold
Toc wrote
Do you want someone to have and raise your first born while you are on the trail?  
Did you learn about hiker entitlement on the AT?  

/// Tom & Tori wrote:
 Howdy, Folks. No luck coordinating a ride from the ride share board on
// ADZPCTKO site. Schedules do not mesh with our arrival / departure.
// Can anyone pick up two hikers at SD airport on 5 May and drive them to the
// border on 8 May? Would like to be at border no later than 5am. Would be
// willing to accept ride to boarder only. Please, let us know as soon as you
// can. Thanks.
// Tom & Tori Lindsley

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