[pct-l] how to give back?

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Apr 24 04:05:27 CDT 2009

Yes Laura,
You could give back to the trail by donating to "SWITCHBACK" to modernize his gang of trail
ruffians, to more efficiently raid and ransack innocent hikers.

JMT Reinhold
Laura wrote
I thru-hiked in 2008 and have been feeling kinda sadly disconnected from the
trail since then, especially at the moment when yet another PCT-related
event that I can't manage to attend (Kickoff) is fast approaching.  I'm far
away up in Anchorage, where it costs at least $500 just to leave the state.
I want to somehow give back to the trail, and give back some of the infinite
kindness I received on my hike, but I don't really know how, other than
donating to the PCTA, which I've done ... any suggestions from anybody?
Anybody need a little trail magic up here in the north?

Good luck to this year's crop of thru-hikers!  :)


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