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Besides what you've already done (giving $$ to the PCTA) and mentioned care packages and pro bono type work, transcribing a journal for a current hiker who has chosen to use the hand write / snail mail method is great (not everyone likes to type with their thumbs).  I'm currently transcribing - it's great to be the first one to read the entries, it provides a great sense of connection with 'your' hiker.  

Another way is to mentor future thru's one on one - provide them with the insights you developed on your trek.  There are some things that only a thru REALLY understands - the half way blues, for example.  In 2007, via a friend of a friend I was put in touch with a prospective thru (who more or less finished the whole trail) and provided some guidance that I suspect really improved this hikers resupply plan (their initial plan bypassed some of the really good stops, such as the Saufleys, for example).  They also weren't intially aware of quite a few of the planning resources, and putting them in touch with these almost certainly helped them out quite a bit.

Yet another way to help out is to lend a current year hiker your bear can (assuming you purchased one).  


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I thru-hiked in 2008 and have been feeling kinda sadly disconnected from the
trail since then, especially at the moment when yet another PCT-related
event that I can't manage to attend (Kickoff) is fast approaching.  I'm far
away up in Anchorage, where it costs at least $500 just to leave the state.
I want to somehow give back to the trail, and give back some of the infinite
kindness I received on my hike, but I don't really know how, other than
donating to the PCTA, which I've done ... any suggestions from anybody?
Anybody need a little trail magic up here in the north?

Good luck to this year's crop of thru-hikers!  :)



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