[pct-l] Giving back

Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 24 11:50:24 CDT 2009


Good to hear your alive and well up there in AK.  I too am missing the 
kickoff and have kept up my PCTA membership which I'd encourage all 
veterans to do.

My way of giving back is to work on trails close to home in the hopes 
that others who feel a need to give back to the AT or NCNST who happen 
to live on the west coast will be doing their give-back by volunteering 
along the PCT.  I go out weekly from spring to fall to work on a western 
PA section of the North Country Trail and schedule trail crew weeks 
along the AT---this year it will be two in ME and two in the Smokies.  
Of course, I'm retired and am glad to finally have the time to do 
this.   I've done 10 ATC trail crew sessions to date and always have a 
good time.   Besides they helped me stay in shape for the PCT and 
hopefully will keep the body going until I get a chance to tackle the 
CDT in '10!

Would there be some volunteer opportunities for you around Anchorage?


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