[pct-l] How long will they hold my packages?

Sean Carey seanpct75 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 16:43:54 CDT 2009


I am wondering if anyone knows how long the Warner springs post office and
the Kennedy Meadows Post office will hold my packages for? I am more worried
about the Kennedy meadows one. As I obviously will be arriving at that one
later than the first one. Should I have someone else mail Kennedy meadows to
me later. Or am I ok mailing it the day before I leave? I also believe I am
going to be sending a supply to Aqua dulce via the Saufleys. I am picking up
a loaner bear canister there and figured why not send a small resupply there
as well. I am assuming that one will be ok to send before I leave as well?
Thanks again everyone.

Sean C.

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