[pct-l] Garmin GPS maps with PCT shown?

Ken Powers ken at gottawalk.com
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Be wary of any maps that show the PCT on them. Unless they map is 
specifically for the PCT the trail will not be drawn closely enough to hike 
by and the trail may have been rerouted since the map was drawn. I also 
found that different scales of maps show the trail in different locations.

I have been working with gps traces for several long trails and have come to 
the conclusion that current gps's cannot hold enough data to show the trail 
details well enough to hike with. The only exception is if you can draw a 
shape and load it onto your gps. I haven't done that yet, but we met a 
pct2007 hiker who had done that.

I have been able to load several hundred miles of gps tracks onto my Garmin 
60csx with good detail. But before you reach the end of the track you need 
to find another computer to load the next piece of the trail onto the gps.

As far as loading maps - get a gps that has a micro-sd card. You can load 
maps for the whole USA onto one card. The gpx will load the maps from the 
card when turned on. You'll still have plenty of room to save tracks and 
lots more.

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I am considering buying a new GPS unit. I have used a Garmin 3+ for 10 years 
but it doesn't have the download capacity for maps that I need. I have two 
questions: What kind of GPS are people on the trail using (if any) and is 
there any downloadable map that actually has the PCT on it.

I am downloading maps from the Garmin mapsource disc, but it is extremely 
tedious to find the right topos because the PCT is not on the topos (I have 
only looked at the Section A topos so far).


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