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Staci - I section hiked Oregon last year and fell down a cliff 30 feet the second day.  Vitamin I (ibuprofen) was my best friend - every 4 hours when awake, and at night, I had some prescription muscle relaxers left over from tendonitis.  I also put my knees over my pack in my tent (pack was crosswise with pad on top of pack) and that helped a lot.   So if you have any meds left over from your surgeries, bring them along.  You may need them.  Invest in a large bottle of vitamin I and divvy them up for your mail drops.  Good Luck.  Ice packs/cold brew helped a lot on zero days.

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My boyfriend and I are planning on hiking the PCT with our first stop being
independence.  Basically we just need a ride from the airport to sequoia
national park.  We are taking our flight from New York
on May 12th at 7:50 am and arriving
at 10:38 am in Fresno. 
Ohh also I was wondering, this has nothing to do with the transportation, but,
does anyone have advice on what to do to prevent knee pain?  I had surgery
on my meniscus twice, I still run and its fine, it just gets sore now and
then.  I have a feeling that with this long hike that I need to do a
little extra for it.  Should I wear a knee brace?  Should I take
certain vitamins?  My mom suggested MSM,
but I wanted advice from real hikers :).




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