[pct-l] Knees

Jonathan Blees Jblees at energy.state.ca.us
Sat Apr 25 12:23:59 CDT 2009

Hello Staci,

I've had a miniscectomy on each knee.  My routine for avoiding knee pain:  do leg extensions (no more than halfway down) and leg curls while not hiking, travel as light as possible (including wearing running shoes), stay well-hydrated, and stretch often, esp calves.  

Have a great hike!


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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 20:15:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Staci Labuda <staci1713 at yahoo.com>
Subject: [pct-l] transportation from fresno to sequoia
To: pct-l at backcountry.net
Ohh also I was wondering, this has nothing to do with the transportation, but, does anyone have advice on what to do to prevent knee pain?  I had surgery on my meniscus twice, I still run and its fine, it just gets sore now and then.  I have a feeling that with this long hike that I need to do a little extra for it.  Should I wear a knee brace?  Should I take certain vitamins?  My mom suggested MSM, but I wanted advice from real hikers :).


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