[pct-l] Compass as related to the Garmin discussion

Danny Wormington airecrew at netzero.net
Sun Apr 26 08:57:35 CDT 2009

    I don't think that the good old compass should be discounted when 
discussing trail maps and trip planning.  To take azimuth and 
back-azimuth readings pre-supposes that you have a very good idea of 
your surroundings, that you recognise distant peaks and landmarks in 
order to find your position.  It is always good to know where you are.  
You can also identify distant landmarks using the compass and map.  It 
doesn't take batteries (though I am confident that there are some 
computer geek models that do) so even if your electronic devices conk 
out you have it for a backup.

Danny Wormington

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