[pct-l] transportation from fresno to sequoia

Denis Stanton denisstanton at mac.com
Mon Apr 27 04:03:55 CDT 2009

Hi Staci

Your message caught my eye as I have been online today looking for  
ways to get from San Francisco to Fresno and from there to the PCT at  
the Vidette Meadows / Bullfrog Lake area.

Excuse me for being impertinent, but I hope you are clear about where  
you are going.  Fresno and Visalia on the West of the Sierras provide  
the only road access to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.   
Independence, on the East of the Sierras, is a popular resupply point  
providing access to the PCT at approximately the same point but from  
the opposite direction.  If you want to go to Independence then Fresno  
is an awfully long way away by road.  You could walk in from the west  
(about 15 miles) and out on the east (about 7.5 miles plus maybe 20  
miles of little-used road) but I'm not sure that's what you want.

Maybe I read too much into the mention of Independence.  You may be  
doing something similar to my intention.  Last year I ended my 6-day  
PCT section by exiting East over the Kearsarge Pass to Independence.   
This year I want to resume at the same point, but without the use of a  
rental car I can't figure how to get from San Francisco across to  
Independence so I'm planning to use Amtrak down to Fresno and then  
look for a bus or hitch up to Roads End  and hike up Bubbs Creek to  
Vidette from the West.

I expect to do this on June 13/14th.  I''m hoping for an early snow  
melt. In mid June last year there was still a lot of snow in the high  
passes.  Your date of May 12th is extremely early for the Sierras.   
Most folk reckon on entering the Sierras from the South no sooner than  
that beginning of June, and hope for some snow melting before they hit  
the heights.

regards and good luck

Denis Stanton
(Walks with Son '07, '08)

BTW , If anybody has  good suggestion of how to get from Fresno to  
Cedar Grove and Roads End on June 13th I'd be very happy to hear it.

On 24/04/2009, at 3:15 PM, Staci Labuda wrote:

> My boyfriend and I are planning on hiking the PCT with our first  
> stop being independence.  Basically we just need a ride from the  
> airport to sequoia national park.  We are taking our flight from New  
> York on May 12th at 7:50 am and arriving at 10:38 am in Fresno.

Denis Stanton
denisstanton at mac.com

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