[pct-l] Kick-Off

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Mon Apr 27 05:45:00 CDT 2009

No, No, No,  Amanda,......it was Switchback.
He is a master at creating distractions while he is raiding and 
plundering innocent hikers at another campsite.
You can not trust that scoundrel....not one bit.

I could not understand why so many hiker babes  always seem to 
congregate in his campsite, it seems  that good looking hiker
babes are drawn to him like moth to a flame.
I mean he is not nearly as good looking as I am.....so why do they 
always hang around in his campsite?
Then it dawned on me......it is the candy!!!
He lures them into his campsite with those sweet treats he has for them.
And his seemingly innocent......."YOOHHOO.......COME AND GET YOUR 
SNIKER  BAR!!!!"......is nothing but a trik
to lure those innocent hiker babes into his campsite

So what do you think of him now?

JMT Reinhod
Amanda wrote:
> Just got back home from the kick-Off.  It was another wonderful 
> event.  Great workshops and the movies were big fun.  Thank you to all 
> the volunteers that worked so hard to make it happen.  I enjoyed 
> meeting many of you or at least putting a face to a name, even if we 
> didn't speak (some of you were just so busy).  A few of you came by to 
> say hello and that was nice.  I don't think many of us realize how 
> well known we become just from posting here (watch what you say, you 
> may develop a reputation).  :-)
> I only have one criticism and that has to do with Quite Time, no one 
> was enforcing it.  That was too bad.  Last night the immature and 
> selfish jerks that shared my camp site were drunk, high and partying 
> till 1:30 when they were finely told to nip it.  I didn't tell them to 
> do so as I was only one person and they were several, and who am I to 
> spoil there fun, just some old fart who has forgotten how to party.  
> Still I found them to be rude and inconsiderate of others and it would 
> have been nice if someone whose job it was (ranger) had patrolled 
> about and asked them to quite down.
> Otherwise, it was fun.  Even Switchback behaved himself and did not 
> get TPed this year.
> Happy hiking to the class of 2009!
> Shepherd

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