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Yup. I had lunch with Switchback the Pirate on Saturday... But I had the Incredible Bulk there to protect me! lol. Good peeps.
I'm thrilled to have met so many of you... There was a bunch more I wanted to met, but not sure if I did.  There will be more KOs... I'll be there. 
A BIG FAT THANK YOU to everyone who came to my presentation (and heckled my trivia contestents! lol) and for all your kind words about the book, site and my food stuff in general all weekend. I'm no expert, but I do love to share what little I do know. :)
Also a big fat thank you to Manny aka "Not Yet" (is he on this thing?) for picking me up at the airport and making sure I was well taken care of. The chair you loaned me got donated to Old Station - no one I talked to knew how to find you. I hope that was okay. You didn't seem too concerned about it...
Another big fat thank you (again!) to Half Mile. He not only gave me a ride to the airport on Sunday and a freaking AWESOME tour of Section A, including a visit to the monument. You have no idea how much that meant to me!! 
I had a bit of trail magic (don't know what else to call it...) in regards to my plane ride down. First, I was sitting on the plane, and the guy next to me is sort of reading over my shoulder a bit. He says "I see you have a note about Yogi's book, are you going to kick off?" Turns out he was headed there too, then off to The Trail for 5 weeks... So I chatted instead of working. LOL.
THEN... I run into Wildflower, who I didn't know lived by me... And we were talking about where we flew in from. The conversation went a little something like this...
Me: Yeah, I flew in from Seattle yesterday
Her: Really? Me too. Alaska? (as in airlines)
Me: Yup.
Her: Flight 494?
Me: Yeah...
We were on the same flight!!! And didn't see each other. LOL.
I'll be writing up my trip report tonight, with photos... So much to say. Amazing weekend. Still reeling...
My photos are up on Face Book. Please go look and tag if you recognize anyone!! Comments welcome.
I loves my PCT family...

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"How's Your Trail?"  It was good meeting you Tom and thanks for the 08' 
movie. Was that "Dicentra" I saw going to dinner with "Switchback"  one 
night. She must really be a trusting soul.  It was good seeing everyone 
again this year. I can't wait for next year & finally the entire trail. I 
get my knee replaced on May 7th and I talked to a few people who have had 
that done and are out hiking. Met Denise Park, no trail name yet, found out 
that we have a mutual friend, small world. If you see her out there say hi 
and make sure she is doing ok. I'm very proud my grand son  "Eagle Scout" 
working with WSMonty on all that food, they feed a lot of hungry beasts on 
the weekend. everyone take care and Remember "Be Prepared"  Ground Pounder 
Bill  "Semper Fi"

PS  see everyone in 2010 on my thru hike and at the KO
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> Hi Hikers,
> I still have about 100 2008 Class DVDs to give away.  If you want one, 
> send
> me an email with your mailing address and I'll get one out to you ASAP.
> My ADZ after action report is here:  pctaddict.blogspot.com.
> Some of my ADZ photos are here:
> http://picasaweb.google.com/ki6asp/2009ADZPCTKO#
> I had a great time meeting with Jeannie, the class of 2008, the 
> organizers,
> Monty, Weathercarrot, Dicentra, Switchback, Wildflower, and too many 
> others
> to name.  I did not want to say goodbye.  Wish I was hiking out with all 
> of
> you.  My new goal for a thru is 2010.  Hope I get layed off!!!
> I filmed the Six Pack Hiking Pole Drill.  Will try to get the final cut up
> on my blog tonight.  It's a gotta see event :-) .  I will also get the
> border log photos from 2008 up on my picasa site this week.  Really, I 
> will.
> All the best to the Class of 2009.  I hope to give you guys some trail 
> magic
> in SoCal over the next few weeks.
> Hike On!
> -- 
> Tom KI6ASP
> The Incredible Bulk
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