[pct-l] Kickoff and Switchback's Campsite

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Tue Apr 28 08:23:13 CDT 2009

Unsupported JMT Reinhold writes: I could not understand why so many hiker babes always seem to congregate in his campsite, it seems that good looking hiker?babes are drawn to him like moth to a flame.? I mean he is not nearly as good looking as I am.....so why do they always hang around in his campsite?? Then it dawned on me......it is the candy!!!? He lures them into his campsite with those sweet treats he has for them.? And his seemingly innocent......."YOOHHOO.......COME AND GET YOUR SNIKER BAR!!!!"......is nothing but a trick?to lure those innocent hiker babes into his campsite?
Switchback replies: Say, this reminds me to write an After Action?Report for the Kickoff.? Speaking of?Female Leadership?Terminator Types, yes, there were a lot at this year's Kickoff.? More than I have ever seen.? I even saw Liz from the PCTA roaming around (I always get scared when I see her).? Everyone wanted to come over to my campsite to pet Stinker, the?Pirate Lair mascot skunk.? It was him that?was the attraction and not me.? I have to tell the truth.? I would like to take credit for all the good looking women?lurking around the Lair, but cannot.

Yes, it was Stinker that was the big hit.? He loved the attention.? He told me that this was just like being in a trailtown for?Zero.? He usually scores?with some local?town babes.? They buy him?hot pizza and cold brew.? The other?male hikers get jealous, since?Stinker hogs all the babes.? He is known as a Babe Magnet and this year's Kickoff proved it again.

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