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I'm posting these to the list b/c I have a feeling there are others who are looking for the same information...
This is the diabetic hiker site I was talking about (I sponsor Mike on his hikes. He's also a friend of mine) Looks like he's added even more since the last time I was there.
Rainforest Treks - http://www.rainforesttreks.com/
Diabetes information - http://www.rainforesttreks.com/diabetes.asp

Half Mile,
Washington and Oregon Trail info Links
Mazamas (Oregon trip reports/conditions) http://www.mazamas.org/
NWHikers (Mostly WA but some OR - trip reports, forums. I'm Dicentra on there too) Use the search feature! http://www.nwhikers.net/
Washington Trails Assoc http://www.wta.org/
My list of webcams (good for pass conditions) http://www.onepanwonders.com/webcams.htm
You might like the maps on this one: http://www.trails.com/activity.aspx?area=15345
I hope those are useful to you guys (and others!).

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I don't know if anybody mentioned this one yet, but flavored drink mixes are
a lifesaver on the PCT. 

When you're drinking up to two gallons of water a day the "taste" of just
plain water can get really old, especially trail water which really isn't
that plain, but has kind of a "leafy" taste.

I love drinking out of a fresh mountain spring as much as the next guy, but
after fifty or a hundred days... I was dying for a Coke, or chocolate milk
or deer piss, or anything that wasn't water!

We traded flavor packets on the trail like prisoners do with cigarettes, and
spent a lot of time mixing and matching different flavors to discover new

My favorite is 1 Crystal Light Lemonade + 1 Koolaid Orange + 1 liter of
water. Very refreshing.

See y'all at the K.O.

-Erik The Black

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