[pct-l] Hi All! A few questions for those interested in helping a future thru-hiker

Patrick K. Cahill patrick_cahill at umail.ucsb.edu
Wed Apr 29 01:57:01 CDT 2009

Hello everybody,

My friends and I are taking off on the PCT from Kennedy Meadows on  
June 21st.  I have a few questions I just wanted to shoot out at y'all:

1) would you recommend thick, ankle-protective hiking boots, light  
tennis shoes, or most likely something in between?

2) what have you done to prepare yourself for rattlesnakes?

3) what is your best advice on dealing with bears: both preventing  
incidents as well as handling them if they occur?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing what interesting and varied answers  
I'm sure some of you will have for us =)


Patrick K. Cahill
(530) 356-8306
patrick_cahill at umail.ucsb.edu

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