[pct-l] Hi All! A few questions for those interested in helping a future thru-hiker

Scott Bryce sbryce at scottbryce.com
Wed Apr 29 09:46:38 CDT 2009

Patrick K. Cahill wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> My friends and I are taking off on the PCT from Kennedy Meadows on 
> June 21st.  I have a few questions I just wanted to shoot out at
> y'all:
> 1) would you recommend thick, ankle-protective hiking boots, light 
> tennis shoes, or most likely something in between?

Go with lightweight shoes. Start training in them now. Shoes are a very
personal matter. There are a lot of brands and styles. What works best
for one may not work as well for another. You want a shoe that is
lightweight, breathes well (and dries fast for the Sierra) has good
traction, and is flexible. That usually means trail runners.

> 2) what have you done to prepare yourself for rattlesnakes?

Nothing. If you are hiking NB, you won't see as many rattlesnakes as
those who have hiked from the border to KM. After your first rattlesnake
encounter, you will learn to scan the trail ahead of you as you hike.
Just be aware that rattlesnakes can be anywhere, so look where you are
putting your feet, hands, gear, etc. Rattlesnakes don't want to
encounter you any more than you want to encounter them. Generally, they
will warn you of the presence, then move off of the trail. If you see a
few, you will eventually hope for one to stick around for a photo op
before it moves off of the trail.

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