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Well I wore my rain gear, which when I was in Sisters, it was extremely warm, somewhere around 90! I did impress a couple folks that I managed to change into these garments without anyone seeing me do this! And then I did the same thing in the opposite direction, still without being seen! I had to do to this among the machines as they do not have a bathroom for someone to change in, or use! AND the soap machine ate 75 cents!!! But a very nice woman offered me some of her soap and bought me a soda!! 

I met a couple folks along the way that had 'running' shorts and a tee that they kept for their laundry days, don't know where they kept theirs. I didn't keep them in a separate bag, they were in the bottom of my clothes stuff sack, along with a "fresh" pair of undies set aside just for laundry day!! 

My only criticism of Sisters, I had been told by three sources that there were public showers at the campground in town....there wasn't! So I had clean clothes, but not a clean body, well I took a "bath" in the campground's bathroom sink, not quite the same thing. And it wasn't until Cascade Locks that I got a shower!!! (actually at my house in Portland, but same idea)
tammy t.

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> Well, /this/ might be a stupid question...
> For you thru-hikers, when you need to do laundry, what do you wear in 
> the laundromat while you're sitting there doing that laundry? And 
> whatever it is that you wear, do you keep it in a separate bag/ziploc 
> while carrying it on the trail in your backpack, to keep it "fresh" from 
> all of that other "aromatic" stuff in the pack?
> Or do you just do the "nude" laundromat thing? :-[
> Jiffypop
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