[pct-l] Laundry

Brian Lewis brianle8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 01:52:40 CDT 2009

I didn't use a bounce box, or wear raingear while washing.  My approach was
to carry a pretty thin, light short-sleeved shirt that was sort of a
"backup" shirt but basically a town shirt, and a pair of shorts that could
also serve as a change of underwear.  Not much of a weight hit there. The
shorts had a small inner pocket, enough for a motel key or a ziplock with
money and credit card --- all I needed while my clothes were washing or
drying.   Also, FWIW I only used laundromats or any sort of washing machine
three or four times; if I was in (solo or sharing) a motel room it wasn't
hard to wash in the bathtub or sink and leave stuff out to dry while I did
other stuff, but even there it was nice to be able to leave the room in
clothes that I wasn't too uncomfortable in.

Someone earlier asked about securing your backpack while grocery shopping,
and I recall being concerned about that too.  In fact, the majority of times
I did this my stuff was left whereever I was sleeping (campground with other
hikers, motel room, or trail angel), so it wasn't an issue.  The very few
times I did have to leave my backpack outsideit tended to be small stores
where I could sort of keep an eye out while I shopped --- so despite my
before-trail concern, it didn't turn out to be much of an issue.

Brian Lewis / Gadget '08

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