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Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:58:35 CDT 2009

The bandanas are a gift from the PCT Class of 2002 to current year hikers,
section or thru.  A section hiker is a person who hikes at least one full
section this year.  Current year hikers who register for the Kick Off
received their bandana when they checked in at the registration desk.
Current year hikers who were unable or unwilling to attend the Kick Off can
pick up a bandana from our super-secret back-up supply at the Saufleys.
Non-current year hikers were able to obtain a bandana at the Kick Off for $5

We (the Class of 2002) made 708 bandanas.  The majority of those were
distributed at the Kick Off, some as gifts, some for $5 each.  I just
checked the "Who Registered" page for this year's Kick Off.  I noticed you
did not register.  By Saturday, we noticed that the bandana suply was
rapidly dwindling.  We counted the number of registered hikers who still had
not checked in, and we counted our bandanas.  We tried to save enough
bandanas for the registered hikers.  Since you did not register (and we know
that you know registration is required for this event), we did not know to
save a bandana for you on Saturday.  We had no way to know you would be
there.  The vast majority of 2009 hikers did receive a bandana.  After all
the 2009 bandanas were given out, we offered 2008 and 2007 bandanas which
were left over from previous years.

Your statement "As a mere section hiker I was not allowed to purchase a
yellow bandana, even for ready cash" is misleading and untrue.  Honestly we
don't care if you are a section hiker, chunk hiker, or thru hiker.  If you
are a current year hiker, you are a current year hiker.  For you to imply
that we consider section hikers to be "mere hikers" is untrue.  But you know
this.  You have been part of the community long enough to know this.  If you
had registered for the Kick Off (which you also know you're supposed to do),
you would have received a bandana at the event.

You can still get one when you hike through Agua Dulce.

The Class of 2002

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 8:49 AM, David Hough on pct-l <
pcnst2001 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> My 2009 ADZPCTKO Saturday photos are not organized yet.
> But they are unorganizedly at:
> http://pcnst.oakapple.net/recent/
> The organization may improve over the next week or so as I have time.
> Previous years are at
> http://pcnst.oakapple.net/photo/other-pct/adz/
> As a mere section hiker I was not allowed to purchase a yellow
> bandana, even for ready cash, so if yours disappears one night while
> you sleep, it wasn't me.   So what does a section hiker do with a PCT
> bandana?
> http://pcnst.oakapple.net/photo/cc-pct/h/2008-09-21-h02/h9210020.jpg
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