[pct-l] Fobes Saddle Cache & Hat Creek Rim and Lost Creek

AsABat AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net
Thu Apr 30 22:01:13 CDT 2009

If you found water actually hidden in bushes at Fobes (or any saddle),
it might have been stashed there by climbers for their use on the way
back down. I do that myself all the time. Hike to the ridgeline, usually
a saddle, stash some water, bag the peak with a lighter pack, then plan
to be out of water at the saddle where I grab my stashed water and
return to the car.


> >    9. Fobes Saddle Cache
> Actually, there is water stashed all over the place on Fobes Saddle,
> just not at the most obvious cache. We found several bottles hidden
> near a boulder near a large log in a slightly more sheltered spot
> below the crest. (I was there on Monday.) I'm sure there was more if
> we had poked around the prickly bushes more.

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