[pct-l] Southbound from Manning Park

Charles Cornwall charlie98107 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 16:50:03 CDT 2009

Nobody's there to check you.  You're supposed to check in with closest US Customs when you get off trail.  I did this hike a couple of years ago, in fact it was early Sept. 2007, southbound from Manning to Rainy Pass.  I tried to call in to Customs when I was done but they had no idea what I was talking about, hiking into the US via trail.  I just kept the lady's name I talked to just in case.  I don't remember if you need a permit for Wlderness or NP but it just takes a simple phone call to those agencies.  Again nobody to check you.  I think in the NP you only need a permit if you are camping in the strectch from Rainy Pass to High Bridge, at the road to Stehekin, which isn't that far.  I could be wrong, but that is my recollection.
You didn't say how you are planning to get into Canada, but if you are taking the train or bus, I would definitely get a round trip ticket. That will save you a lot of hassles at the border for just a few extra bucks (which you can probably refund the return part later anyway, once you are into Canada).  If you are going by car with someone dropping you off, then it shouldn't be a problem.  They just don't want people going one way into Canada.  It looks like you are immigrating without going through the proper process.  A hike back into the US seems like a flimsy excuse to them, they have no concept of this.  Believe me I learned this the hard way.  They eventually let me in, but it wasn't easy.  I thought ahead of time that their issue whould be me crossing back into the US at an unmanned crossing, but that wasn't it at all.  They were concerned with illegal immigration, and me with my backpack and a one way ticket looked like the typical case
 of that.  Have a round trip ticket and tell them you are going backpacking in their mountains and that you are coming back afterwards.
That is a very nice stretch so have fun!
[pct-l] southbound from Manning Park

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 8:55 PM


"Amanda Tyson Stahl" <amandartyson at gmail.com>

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Oats and I did a northbound thru-hike in '07, but got snowed off the
trail at Rainy Pass. We're planning to go back and hike that section
by starting at Manning Park and hiking south to Stehekin in September.

Does anyone know if we need any special permits (besides passports) to
cross back into the US along the trail?
Does anyone know offhand what permit(s) we need for the Pasayten
Wilderness and North Cascades NP, or what's the best way to find out?

Thanks! We're looking forward to seeing a bunch of northbound hikers
on their final stretch!



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