[pct-l] Grid, Graph, Spreadsheet in Preparation and During Hike

Ralph Alcorn rbalcorn at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 20:13:36 CST 2009

I find a spreadsheet essential for trip planning. Mine has an entry for each
point in the data book, with utm coordinates added. I carry the data book
pages, and Yogi's pages, as well as the guidebook pages for the sections I
am hiking, and Asabat's water report, but the spreadsheet is something I can
scribble on. We section hike 200 to 300 mile segments, but I think I would
do the same even if thru hiking. The day you reach a point may shift, or the
spot you camp may change, but the spreadsheet shows the alternatives
An example for Agua Dulce to KM:

Ralph Alcorn

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