[pct-l] Lets Talk Packs

GARY HEBERT hikerfedex at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 19:21:28 CST 2009

I agree. I thru'd the AT 07 and the LT 08 (and many Winter miles, and other
miles in New England & Tennessee & Virginia) with my Gossamer Gear Mariposa
sylnylon pack - 20 oz!3800 cu in main + 500cu in outside stretch mesh
pockets = 4200 cu in tl.

Most packs are not truly waterproof (short of dry packs) and those that are
are just extra weight. My pack liner weights <2 oz and a very few SUL stuff
sacks <4-5 oz Total and a SUL pack cover <3 oz. That's still weigh less than
any traditional pack. I could dunk my pack and have hiked all day in heavy
rain with the important stuff staying dry yet it all dries out much faster
than traditional packs, just like SUL vs traditional clothing.

But I agree with previous post select what seems comfortable for you.

For me I chose to adopt lots of SUL techniques and severely limited extra
crap I didn't need, swapped most gear for SUL versions, my pack never
weighed more than 30lbs even superloaded with 4-5 days of food coming outta
town. Similarly in winter I recently carried 33.5lbs in the Adirondacks with
snowshoes & crampons. Typically my pack is in the low 20's with water/food
3-4 days. And I hope to do better on the PCT. I simply don't need the added
support of a super pack frame. they're well designed but just added weight.

to each his own though.

I spent lots of time reading preparing & slowly converting to SUL methods
(and ultimately only achieved Lightweight I guess.) But it was well worth
it. Makes me capable of hiking much bigger days more easily and enjoyable.



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