[pct-l] Shirts on the trail.

Eric Lee (GAMES) elee at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 12 11:54:57 CST 2009

Tarzan wrote:
Cotton Kills!

To elaborate - cotton is great when it's hot, as Sean mentioned.  It breathes well, soaks up moisture and releases it slowly, and helps you stay cool.

On the other hand, as Diane mentioned, it's not going to be hot all the time, even in the desert.  The very features that make cotton good in the heat make it really bad when it's cold and wet.  Yeah, it's just a tee shirt, but it's right next to your skin, too.  If I were choosing one shirt for all conditions, I'd stay away from cotton and take something with better cold-weather behavior.  That doesn't mean it has to be expensive, necessarily, just synthetic.


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