[pct-l] Vegetarian and vegan food on the trail?

jennifer bbarnicle22 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 19 23:47:42 CST 2009

Does anyone have any amazing vegetarian or vegan food experiences from the trail they wouldn't mind sharing with me? I am vegetarian, and LOVE food (when I plan a vacation I plan where or what I am going to eat and then plan everything else around that...I know. It is kind of an obsession...) When planning the hike last year I coudn't find much in the way of a veggie guide to the trail. Yogi's guide is awesome, but when going into town I always wondered if the place with the most amazing burger also had an amazing veggie burger, and such like that. So I thought why not write down all my veggie experiences, and hopefully others as well, so that future veggie hikers have an idea of what to expect in town (in case they are as obsessed with food as I am, or are just curious). Now we had some amazing food experiences (some towns I would go back to just for the food we had there), and there were some towns that we did not go to (like Tehahchapi and South Lake
 Tahoe) so if anyone has any awesome vegetarian or vegan eats from the trail I would love to know about them! I am not planning on charging anything for the information or anything like that, it is just something I wish I had when I was hiking so I thought there might be someone else out there who could use it as well :) Or if something like this already exists if you could direct me to it I would appreciate it. Thanks!



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