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Well, hi Marion,
Nice to know that you remember me after almost 9 years. I'm wondering how are Roy, Bernie, Leroy, and Wicket?

Mr Hansen,
I confess to knowing almost nothing about grizzlies, except for newspaper accounts of maulings and killings. They certainly would worry me. Nice thing about the PCT (or AT) is that, as far as I know, you won't run into any grizzlies. Californians killed off their last grizzly (the one on the state flag, perhaps) over 100 years ago.
I have heard that bear spray is useless on a windy day . . . you are more likely to spray yourself.

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  Marion, George, All -

  I've been watching the bear cannister thread with some interest simply because I'm interested in the likelihood of a bear encounter on trail.  I have no problem carrying a cannister where it is required, or even recommended.  However, it will be a new experience for me.  Typically, since I hike in Grizzly Habitat, I carry Counter Assault Bear Spray as my bear deterrent.  The thought is, if a bear approaches for any reason, food or otherwise, he gets sprayed.  Thankfully, I've never needed to use it.

  Being relatively new to the list (lurker for a month or so), I have not seen this topic broached.  I wasn't able to find it in the archive or FAQ's either, unless it gets included in the "Firearms" section of the FAQ's.  Regardless, forgive me if I've overlooked it.

  I'm curious as to people's thoughts about whether to carrying this on trail or not...  Is it eight ounces of insurance I'd be better off leaving at home?

  C. Hansen


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  I've hiked with George Wysup.  It's pronounced wise-up for good reason; 
  he really does have a lot of wisdom to share.  He's out there all the 
  time bagging peaks on killer day hikes and overnights with the Sierra 
  Listen to him.  The bears of the JMT may be the worst gangstas anywhere 
  on any trail in the USA.  They are not to be trifled with.  They 
  (probably) won't hurt you, but they undoubtedly will get your food 
  eventually if you hang it.  Get a bear can.


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