[pct-l] fishing poles

Amanda L Silvestri aslive at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 25 10:59:55 CST 2009

Hi guys.  I was thinking that, while hiking through the JMT this year, it would be fun to supplement my diet by doing some fishing .  I won't be relaying on this, it just seems like a present way to enjoy my visit to this beautiful area with its many lakes.
Now, I am not a fisherman and don't know much about the sport, let alone back country fishing.   I don't want to haul a lot of extra weight to do this, nor do I want my packed pole to continuously catch on branches.  So for those who may have done this in the past, here is my question.  Is it best to just tie a line onto a stick or is there a recommended light weight pole that perhaps disassembles like a tent pole, or fishing kit that I might use?

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