[pct-l] Will I die using Fuel canisters?

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Thu Jan 29 13:01:03 CST 2009

I used canisters with a primus stove for the whole hike too. I had a logistics manager at home who sent me canisters where we knew I wouldn't be able to fine them in town. I only used the small canister and they lasted me up to 10 days, but I only cook dinner, no breakfast (typically, sometimes I cooked lunch when I had eaten my lunch for dinner the night before due to mosquitos or late hiking). I also carried a couple Esbits just in case and used them once when I erred in my calculations on fuel usage! 
I know that you need to give the P.O. a longer time to get them to you via mail because they can only go ground. But other than that, it was really nice to have hot food and water quickly and, IMO, safely. I saw too many "accidents" with the alcohol stove to trust myself using one! 
Sorry I don't remember where I could buy them, but I know they were out there, but not as available as I'd like.
tammy t.

> Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 08:54:55 -0500
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> Subject: [pct-l] Will I die using Fuel canisters?
> I've been on the L a few times asking about where to resupply fuel
> canisters.  I received a few responses.  So I "broke down" and got YOGI.
> Yes, it is very good reading and planning information. I'm glad I got it. It
> has sections reviewing different types of shoes, socks, packs, bags, pads,
> food, cook pots, etc.  BUT, when it comes to stoves there is ONLY one in
> YOGI, "Alcohol Stoves."  Nothing else!  Not one comment regarding canisters
> or any other type of stove.  Is there a secret socity of the West I'm not
> privy to?  Will I die using a fuel canister or worse yet eat cold ramens? I
> promise I won't tell anyone here in the EAST ;-)
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