[pct-l] why not just upgrade from the BV450 to the BV500??

GARY HEBERT hikerfedex at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 20:05:49 CST 2009

Why not upgade from the BV450 to the BV500? ("and stop stressing")


2lbs 1 oz  BV450  8.7"Long2lbs 9 oz  BV500  12.7"Long
2lbs 12oz Garcia   12"Long

Do you have any idea how hard I look to save 8 oz collectively? - let alone
for a single (larger) item which  will not fit inside my pack. ( I could of
course carry a different pack for that leg)

If I need or want a heavier item (for fun or enjoyment - like may camera)
I'm ok with extra weight.
But I don't believe I am stressing over it; I think of it as a challenge I
voluntarily accept.

If I can find a way that works for me, sometimes at a compromise, hay, I
enjoy lighter hiking!

But as always, to each his own.

(That's what I like about hikers I meet - many different perspectives on
life and on hiking - and we all enjoy it differently!)


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