[pct-l] Onyx

Bob Bankhead wandering_bob at comcast.net
Mon May 4 15:32:44 CDT 2009

It's 84 miles from Mojave to Walker Pass and another 50 to Kennedy Mdws, so straight through is certainly a good option (134 miles / 20 mpd = 6.7 days) which saves you the hitch to and from Onyx. There's very little there - a PO, gas statio, ministore.

You can catch the Kern bus at Onyx into Lake Isabella and from there to Bakersfield.

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  I was looking at my data book and it seems to me that Onyx is a potentially
  important resupply stop.

  I don't here a  lot about Onyx in the journals or the forums so I was
  wondering if folks are going from Tehachapi/Mojave all the way to KM without
  resupplying or if there's some alternative I don't know about.

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