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Donna Saufley dsaufley at sprynet.com
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I will put a large sign up visible to all of the hikers that graffiti is not
acceptable.  I don't know if it will help, but it's worth a try.

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Someone is using a marker to write clever things on many of the trail
marker posts. It seems to have started at Mason Valley truck trail,
and has persisted so far (Warner Springs).

None of this was there when I came through on 4/1

Just wondering how far this person has gotten.  Any other hikers on
the list, are you or are you not seeing this where you are? Sort of
trying to get an idea where this person is at.

If you started 4/10, 4/15, 4/20, was the graffiti there?

Not sure about bringing this up, as it likely adds to the
acknowledgement this person wants. Maybe if folks are watching for
him/her it might have an impact. But probably not.
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