[pct-l] Guffy Campground Update mile 364.6

Chuck Burmer chuckburmer at gmail.com
Tue May 12 22:33:08 CDT 2009

Another quick heads up, we ran into the biggest rattler I've ever seen
Monday morning on the road between Guffy and the top of the Acorn trail. He
was huge and just chillin next to a snow bank on the side of the road. He
didn't rattle till we were almost on top of him. Lucky we saw him a second
before that and started to back up. The fat bastard wouldn't move for
anything and we had to walk back up the road and take the trail.

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 8:13 PM, Matthew Edwards <hetchhetchyman at aol.com>wrote:

> Just got the lowdown from 65+5.
> He stayed in Wrightwood last night and the word is there is a big bear
> problem up here at Guffy and points north.
> It seems people keep picking up the trash but there is no where to put it
> that is safe from the bears. So each night they come and destroy and each
> day people bag it up. Maybe someone with a vehicle could come up forest
> service road 3N06 to Guffy and collect the trash before this PM and the next
> bear assualt.
> Also the locals recommend sleeping with the food bag next to you. This goes
> against all the logic I have learned over the years and I wish I had my bear
> can tonight.
> They say these bears are skittish and easily spooked so I guess this
> strategy would work. I recommend bear hanging just to keep the bears from
> getting habituated. There are a lot of branches in this camp that would make
> good bear hangs if you bring some cord.
> Cheers-Iceaxe
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