[pct-l] Knee surgery

William A. Chavez wctrekker at dslextreme.com
Wed May 13 10:56:31 CDT 2009


Has anyone on the list undergone knee replacement surgery.  I  
understand that the pain goes away but are people able to hike after  
the surgery?
My right knee is the big problem but I assume the left is not far  
behind.  Is it practical to have both done at the same time?  I do  
not want to start a hike in 2010 and find I have to stop because I  
didn't have both knees done.

You may want to reply off the list since this isn't PCT specific.

As a side note I am getting individual e-mails instead of one e-mail  
with a variety of posts.  Is this new or did I change something with  
out knowing what I did?


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