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Diane, the only contacts I have heard of so far was Hansel and Gretel, but 
that was in Idyllwild a few days before the 6th. To the best of my knowledge 
they would have been heading to Big bear, I have been in contact with Donna 
(L-Rod) last night and am checking in with the lodging places in Big Bear 
this morning.

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> Well, from that location they could have gone to Cabazon and played  in 
> the casino for a while or picked up mail or a few supplies. It's  even 
> possible to go to Palm Springs instead, but surely they would  have 
> called.
> After that they could have stopped in at the wind farm but probably 
> didn't. After that they would have entered wilderness and probably  camped 
> somewhere near one of the creeks, Whitewater or Mission.
> Then between Mission Creek and Big Bear there are several  campgrounds, 
> but they are without much in the way of services. People  can access some 
> of them by 4WD road. Two that hikers often stay at  are Mission Creek 
> Trail Camp and Arrastre Trail Camp.
> After these, the next stop is usually Big Bear. If they didn't stop  in 
> Big Bear they would have had cellphone coverage in the area for a  few 
> miles. After that I don't think they would have much coverage for  a 
> couple of days until they passed Deep Creek and emerged near the  Mojave 
> Dam.
> You said that their last contact was the 6th. It's now the 15th.  That's 9 
> days. In that amount of time I had made it to Wrightwood  from Cabazon.
> In any of their contacts with you did they say anything about meeting  any 
> interesting people? If they did, you might be able to find those  people 
> on trail journals or postholer and see if they say anything  about your 
> friends.
> Diane
> On May 15, 2009, at 7:04 AM, The Dosey Family wrote:
>> Hello Diane, The only contact is the spot unit, they have a Sprint  cell 
>> phone, but from what I have heard so far it does not sound  like they 
>> will have any signal, beyond that the only journal is  with them, no 
>> online blog or posting that I know of.  Is there any  Campground they 
>> might have stopped at between the Fountain at snow  creek and Big bear? I 
>> saw one on the map the Heart Bar Campground?  but dont know if that would 
>> even be a possibility for them or not?
>> Thank you
>> Wes
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>>>> No at all, This is the message recieved from the Spot.
>>>> SPOT Check OK. All is good in the woods!
>>>> ESN:0-7478317
>>>> Latitude:33.878
>>>> Longitude:-116.6794
>>>> Nearest Location:not known
>>>> Distance:not known
>>>> And here is the link to the map as well.
>>>> Time:05/06/2009 18:52:19 (US/Pacific)
>>>> http://maps.google.com/maps?
>>>> f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=33.878,-116.6794&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1
>>>> Thank you.
>>>> Wes
>>> From the picture on the map, it looks like they made it down to the
>>> drinking fountain at Snow Creek. They aren't lost on Fuller Ridge or
>>> anything like that. So their next step would have been the long hot
>>> cross of the desert divide and the long slog up to Big Bear. That
>>> ought to take only 3 or 4 days or so.
>>> Were they using trail journals or postholer or some other blogging
>>> tool to keep an online journal?
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