[pct-l] Out of Contact Hikers on PCT HAVE BEEN FOUND....

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Absolutely I can share some of the lessons learned for the hiking community,

First,         Know your trail.... One of the biggest problems they created 
for themselves was packing WAYYYYY to much gear and rations, instead of 
using all the collection spots along the trails for rations to be delivered 
to, they way over packed and were well overburdened right from the start.

Second    More water.... Less Other heavy items..... MORE WATER....

Third.....    They ended up pulling off the trail due to dehydration and a 
blown out knee... and also did not have any cell coverage at the time, BUT 
neglected to make contact in a reasonable amount of time......  SO if you 
are out there and have any sort of Home Support..... Stay in contact to some 
degree.... If you want to hide out and wander for a week... just let someone 
know ahead of time..... Unfortunately all we know on the home side of things 
is a time frame you tell us and that's all we have to work with so 
Communication is important.

Finally as far as what have they learned preaty much everything above....

Thank you all again for all your support and help.
Have a great day and Happy Trails to you all
Wes Dosey

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> On May 15, 2009, at 3:44 PM, The Dosey Family wrote:
>> Hikers have been recovered They just showed back up on the grid,  Thank 
>> you
>> all so much for your e mails and support.  They are safe and sound,  and 
>> off
>> the trail for a bit.
> With the hiker's permission, could you share with the list any  "lesson's 
> learned"?
> Was there an equipment failure?
> If there was a navigation error, how could it have been prevented?
> Miscommunication regarding the next check-in?
> What would they do next time in a similar situation?
> I think this sort of "analysis" after even minor incidents is helpful  to 
> the hiking community.

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