[pct-l] Peek

Postholer public at postholer.com
Sat May 16 19:04:15 CDT 2009

A Peek device connects just like your cell phone does. If you have 
connectivity with your cell phone, smartphone, blackberry or whatever, they 
are equivalent.

With a Peek you can only send emails, no voice that I'm aware of. With the 
other mentioned devices you potentially have it all, voice, email, internet, 

Connectivity for voice is less reliable than data such SMS or email. You may 
get an email through where you have no voice connection. If you can send a 
message with a Peek, you'll probably be able to with your cell/smartphone.

With a sat phone you have voice from everywhere, anytime. 2 years ago we 
actually had a journalist who was updating their journal using a Pocketmail 
across a sat phone. Now that's timely! You just have to justify the cost.


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